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    RCB Anti-Shock Kart Hoverboard KT2

    300 in stock

    Brand:  RCB

    Color: Hip-hop, Army Green Camouflage, Black Charcoal

    Package Dimensions: 59*46*27 cm

    About RCB Anti-Shock Kart Hoverboard KT2

    【Hoverkart Anti-shock】: This hoverkart is specially designed to facilitate the driving of the Segway. It can turn your hoverboard into a fantastic kart! With the shock absorbers, you can drive the hoverkart more stable. The anti-shock condition makes driving more comfortable.

    【Easy Operation】: The Hoverkart allows you to sit on it to accelerate, brake and turn without difficulty. No need to worry about falling off the hoverboard.

    【Adjustable Length】: The length can be adjusted, suitable for all ages and sizes of hoverboard except hoverboards with the handles, make you enjoy happiness with your hoverboard.

    【Comfortable Seat】: Comfortable seats conform to your legs and back for ultimate comfort.Well comfortable to use.

    【Customer Service】: All products purchased from our store are under warranty. Please contact us anytime without hesitation if you have any problems.

    Download RCB KT2 User Manual here.

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