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    GEARSTONE Treadmill WP7

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    About Treadmill GEARSTONE WP7

    ⚜️ Powerful Motor & 2 Preset Sport Modes ⚜️
    Powerful and quiet brushless motor of 2HP continuously, adjustable speed 1-15 km / h. 2 Sports Modes are preset on the LCD display (6km / h Running Mode, 12km / h Running Mode) for you to choose with just one touch. Perfect for gently resuming physical activity as well as for regular or more intensive training.

    ⚜️ GEARSTONE 2 in 1 Treadmill ⚜️
    GEARSTONE 2 in 1 Treadmill has two modes to meet your different fitness needs. The unfolded treadmill is set as "Running Mode" with an adjustable speed of 1-15km / h. The folded treadmill becomes a "Treadmill" with a speed range of 1-4km / h. You can store it under a desk and walk around while you work.

    ⚜️ Security Key ⚜️
    Make sure that the Security Key is in place when starting the treadmill. This is essential. Treadmill features a sturdy and durable steel frame with a sleek finish and a shock-absorbing multi-layer running belt, making your running experience more comfortable.

    ⚜️ Dual Display & Touch Screen / Remote Control ⚜️
    Easy handling with LCD Touch Screen and Remote control to stop / start and adjust speeds. Thanks to the dual display system, you could easily read some important data: time, speed, calories burned and distance.

    ⚜️ Quick-Fold ⚜️
    The practical folding system allows easy storage and space-saving. The device also has integrated transport wheels for easy movement and storage.

    ⚜️ Integrated Bluetooth Speakers⚜️
    With the built-in speakerphone, you can easily connect your phone to the treadmill via Bluetooth. Increase the intensity and boost your motivation with your favorite music!
    Download Treadmill GEARSTONE WP7 User Manual here.

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