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    EVERCROSS Hoverkart KT

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    EVERCROSS Hoverboard Seat Attachment

    Turn your hoverboard into a more funny hover kart

    EVERCROSS Hoverboard Seat Attachment makes hoverboard instantly become a fashionable hover kart, not only bring you a unique driving experience, but also offer riders far more control and less injury risk, which is much safer for you and your kids.

    Forward: Operate both steering bars simultaneously downwards

    Brake/Backward: Operate both steering bars simultaneously upwards

    Turn Right: Operate the right bar up and the left bar down

    Turn Left: Operate the right bar down and the left bar up

    • 360° Swivel wheel
    • Wider seat with back support
    • Upgraded straps & Easy to assemble
    • Maximum payload of 220 lbs
    • Suitable for 6.5, 8, 8.5, 10'' hoverboard

    Fits for Most Hoverboard

    The hoverboard accessories can be adjusted to fit 6.5", 8", 8.5", 10" hoverboard, but please kindly know this hoverboard attachment doesn't fit hoverboard that has a handlebar in the middle.

    Adjustable Frame Length

    With an adjustable length of 31” to 44.5”, the seat attachment fits for riders from kids to adults. Designed with the telescoping frame to adjust to your height and provide full control for you.

    Simple Assembly & Easy to Control

    Adjustable straps to securely attach the seat attachment to your hoverboard. The hover kart is very easy to install on hoverboards for an even better experience and comfortable ride.


    Do you want to have fun riding a hoverboard kart? Or maybe you want to make an amazing gift for your kids?

    All the details of EVERCROSS hoverboard karts are designed for you to have a fun & fresh, safer & more comfortable driving experience.

    -- Lightweight sleek design and durable frame.

    -- Its handlebar is soft and its front wheel is a 360° facile rotating wheel, so it's flexible, easy to control

    -- Hover kart is safe, it chooses locknut and good spare part, and durable straps

    -- The unique hoverBoard Kart Model with SAFETY FLAG POST for riding outdoors.

    -- A flag post improves visibility for vehicle drivers passing by.


    Forward/accelerate, operate the steering bars simultaneously downwards.

    Backward/brake, operate the steering bars simultaneously upwards.

    Turn right, operate the right grip up and the left grip down.

    Turn left, operate the right grip down and the left grip up.

    We suggestion:

    1 When you riding outdoors, please equip with a FLAG post and helmet.

    2 Go-karts can climb hills with ease, but the slope shouldn't exceed 15 degrees.


    There is a 1-year warranty, we pay great attention to customer satisfaction.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We'll give you a reply within 24 hrs and providing you with satisfied solutions ASAP.


    EVERCROSS is a vital brand, it aims to provide high-quality products to build a friendly and funny surrounding, children will feel happy and adults will be relaxed by using EVERCROSS items.
    We promote a healthy lifestyle and attach great importance to children's both physical and mental health. We hope every child would grow up happily and healthily.

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