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    EVERCROSS Hoverboard & Hoverkart XP10-KT

    6.5 inches, UL-2272 Certified, CE Certified, Bluetooth Speaker, LED Lights

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    Enjoy a Fast, Smooth, and Stable ride with a powerful design. Better riding experience for Indoor and Outdoor places. Non-skid footpad which enables your feet to have a solid grip on the board. Easy to connect Bluetooth speaker to enjoy the ride with music. A Perfect Gift idea to your loved ones for any occasion.

    • 6.5" Solid Rubber Tires
    • Built-in Bluetooth Speaker
    • Fancy and Amazing LED Lights on Wheels

    About EVERCROSS Hoverboard & Hoverkart XP10-KT


    The hoverboard combo is equipped with four 4th generation gyro sensors, which provided you with safe and comfortable driving fun. Plus the EVERCROSS hoverboard seat attachment is well designed and developed for a self-balancing scooter, this hoverboard combo is ideal for kids and adults.


    Equipped with a high-end battery to maintain up to 6-9 km, powerful 2×350W motors that are able to propel you to a speed of about 15KM/H under normal driving conditions with a load of 20-100kg.


    Equipped with the newest design, featuring two dynamic and attractive LED lights on the two wheels that can also illuminate the road ahead at night. Connect to your onboard stereo speaker via Bluetooth and enjoy your favorite music with premium sound quality while riding.

    Package Included:

    1 x Two-Wheels Hoverboard
    1 x Hoverboard Seat Attachment
    6 x Straps
    1 x Power Supply Charger
    1 x Manual
    Assembly tools

    Powerful Dual Motor & Gyroscope Foot Sensors 💜
    Powered by 350W powerful brushless dual motors with solid shock absorber tires. Dual independent gyros hoverboard can accelerate to a max speed of 15km/h and gives you durability along with a smooth ride.

    💜 Solid Rubber Tire & Non-slip Pedal 💜
    6.5” non-slip sturdy rubber tires and pedals ensure lasting smooth rides in your home or outdoor adventures. The electric scooter also comes with an IP54 waterproof standard, which gives you more foot space and stability.

    💜 Battery Protection System & Low Battery Warning 💜
    Due to electrical circuit protection, your scooter won't get overheated or overcharging. Also, a smart battery system monitoring the real battery use to remind you that the battery is low.

    💜 Vibrant LED Lights 💜

    Equipped with unique built-in bright LED light and colorful flashing luminous wheels makes travel safer and brings more fun while riding in the darkness. With its fashionable design, our hoverboard has become one of the desired gifts in the market.

    💜 Built-in Bluetooth Speaker 💜

    The hoverboard can be easily connected to your phone or any portable Bluetooth device. Pair up and blast your favorite tunes through the built-in wireless Bluetooth speaker while driving the hoverboard.

    💜 Advanced Motherboard 💜

    The advanced motherboard ensures the stability of the balance system, which ensures your board swiftly responds to angle and speed, is easier to control, and keeps balance, which certainly gets you to your destination safely and quickly.

    Specifications of EVERCROSS Hoverboard:

    Battery Type Lithium high-rate battery
    Motor Dual Hub Motors
    Dimension 23×7.3×7 inches
    Charging Time 2-4 Hours
    Using Time 60-90 Mins
    Riding Range 6-9 Miles
    Max. Loading 220 lbs / 100KG
    Min. Loading 44 lbs / 20KG
    Gross Weight 18 lbs / 8KG
    Max. Speed 15 Km/H 9.3MPH
    Climbing Capacity <15°
    Turning Radius 360 Degrees
    Wheel Size 6.5" Tire
    Chassis Height 1.18"
    Pedal Height 4.33"

    Warranty (From the Date of Purchase):

    ✔️ 3 Months Warranty
    ⚙️ 1 Year Technical Support
    📧 Lifetime After-sales Consulting Service

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We'll reply to you within 24 hrs and provide a satisfied solutions for you.


    1. Make sure when the hoverboard is fully charged, turn off your hoverboard.

    2. Place the hoverboard pedal parallel to the ground. Make sure your hoverboard is not tilting in any direction and calibrate the balance on a horizontal level.

    3. Hold down the power button for at least 10-20 seconds. (You will see the LEDs flash 5 to 6 times and light up continuously after 6 flashes.)

    4. Power off the hoverboard once more to finalize the recalibration and turn it back on.


    ▶ Please fully charge before using for the first time.

    ▶ Remember that the range of motion should not be too large, as far as possible to avoid excessive tilt.

    ▶ Children should be accompanied under the guardianship of an adult, and the speed shouldn't be too fast.

    ▶ DO NOT start or stop operation on a slope, to avoid damaging the self-balancing system or causing function errors.

    ▶ DO NOT operate the hoverboard when the "BATTERY LOW" indicator is on.

    Here is Hoverboard EVERCROSS XP10 User Manual

    About EVERCROSS 

    EVERCROSS is a local and well-known brand in Europe, which is committed to creating more diversified and efficient short-distance trip mode, let more people enjoy the fun of technology.

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