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    EVERCROSS Hoverboard EV5


    ✸ Real-time sensors provide instant control.

    ✸ A shortened reaction time means greater safety, both for your child as for yourself.

    ✸ Use your smartphone for various settings regarding handling and control of the Self Balance Board.

    ✸ Adjustable driving behavior and an overview of the operating values are possible in just a few steps.

    ✸ Never ride your board without music! Blast your favorite tracks out of the integrated Bluetooth speakers.

    ✸ Its long-lasting battery gives you endless listening fun.

    ✸ Thanks to its Auto-Balance function, you will learn to ride the board safely and easily within just a few minutes.

    ✸ The 8.5-inch puncture-proof solid rubber tires provide a perfect and comfortable board riding experience, even on uneven or wet surfaces or off-road.

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