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    COOL & FUN electric skateboard HB9

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    Brand:  COOL & FUN

    Color: Blue, Green, Purple

    Package Dimensions: 75*17.5*27.5cm


    Top speed: 15 MPH (20 km/h)
    Maximum range: 7-10 miles
    Max load: 80KG
    Power: 150W
    Charging time: 1.5-2 hours
    Battery: 29.4 V 1.5 Ah
    Weight: 3.8kg
    Waterproof: IP54

    About COOL & FUN electric skateboard HB9 

    【Highly efficient lithium battery】: The electric skateboard uses a new generation of lithium batteries, which can make the skateboard's power 150W and speed up to 15km/h. It can travel 8 miles per charge. It is equipped with a 29.4 V 1.5Ah battery that can be fully charged in two hours and up to 500 cycles.
    【Ergonomic wireless remote control 】: The product supports and is equipped with wireless remote control that can control the forward, backward, acceleration and braking of the skateboard. It has three LED power indicators that keep you informed of the skateboard's battery level. The control distance of the remote control is approx. 14 meters.
    【Solid Deck】: That is very solid and durable. The skateboard deck can withstand a weight of up to 80kg and does not deform or break even under rough road conditions. It offers a perfect balance between toughness and weight.
    【Polyurethane high grip wheels】:  Longboard skateboards wheels can greatly improve the shock-absorbing function and provide high grip and stability even when driving fast or bad road environment. This is very helpful in protecting user safety. The electric skateboards are very suitable for students and office workers as commuters. It's also a very good choice for skateboarders.

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