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    CITYSPORTS Weight Bench S1

    FID Lifting Bench with Leg Extension

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    CITYSPORTS Dumbbell Bench S1

    Made of durable, high-strength steel, built with a unique triangular support structure, the CITYSPORTS Weight Training Bench S1 can support 150KG/330 lbs. of weight capacity and user height up to 6'2"/190cm.

    It features 7-position adjustable backrest and a 2-position adjustable leg hold-down bar. The -30 degree decline to +60 degree incline angle adjustments is great for dumbbells, bench presses and other strength training exercises.

    While not in use, it can be folded for storage. So let's get started and hit your goals with CITYSPORTS S1 High Capacity Weight Bench.

    How to Customize Your Fitness Plan

    Find the most efficient way to train

    7 Backrest Positions

    Incline - Flat - Decline
    -30° decline to +60° incline angle adjustments

    7 Bracket Positions

    The bracket could be adjusted from 66cm to 87cm (2' 2'' - 2' 11''), find the most comfortable height according to your own need. 

    2 Foot Support Angles

    The 2-position leg extension is designed for different strength workouts. Full foam protects your feet and is more comfortable.

    All-in-1 Multifunction Training Bench

    Equipped with 2 training resistance bands and an arm/abdomen support pad.

    CITYSPORTS foldable multi-function bench is great for a full-body workout at home to shape your arms, your abs, your back, your chest. Ideal exercise equipment for the whole body at home, including upper and lower body training.

    Stable Workout Bench

    Heavy-Duty Commercial Quality Steel with advanced frosted texture

    Unique Triangular Support Structure
    🏋 150KG/330 lbs. real weight capacity
    🏋 User height up to 6'2"/190cm
    🏋 Unique triangular support structure gives this bench incredible strength

    Save 80% Space

    CITYSPORTS foldable weight bench is easy to store and carry. You can put it in the corner or under the bed when you finish the workout.


    Extended leg stabilizers prevent movement or rocking during workouts

    Resistance Bands

    To improve the quality of your exercises, you will get 2 resistance bands for free.

    Instead of simply lifting a weight, your muscles are under constant tension. This means the actual quality of each rep is significantly improved. And with your muscles working harder, you’ve got better contraction which is the key to getting stronger.  


    CITYSPORTS has designed and produced fitness equipment for more than 10 years, especially known for dumbbell stools. Designed with the advice of professional coaches, CITYSPORTS bench is loved and trusted by lots of customers. We keep moving forward and aiming to produce the best adjustable weight bench for your home gym. 

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