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    CITYSPORTS Power Plate CS-600

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    ★ 【Burn Fat and Build Muscle Fast】: Very useful for losing weight, toning your body or building muscle without putting in too much effort. While you are standing on the platform, a motor located under the platform will create vibrations that will travel through the whole body on a vertical axis from bottom to top then from top to bottom and encourage all the muscles to come together. to contract and relax, thus burning energy.

    ★ 【50 Adjustable Speeds + 3 Vibration Modes with 3 Sports Effects Zones】: The objective of the oscillating platform is mainly to improve aesthetics (loss of cellulite, destocking of fats, toning of muscles, improvement of blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, silhouette refinement, massage). 50 vibration speeds + 3 Vibration Modes with 3 Sports Effects Zones give you more freedom to customize your training plan.

    ★ 【Posture and Professional Use Guide】: The vibrations are transmitted to the body through the straps themselves connected to the vibrating platform. As well as a posture and exercise guide is in the box, it is a description of the different postures to be performed on the platform, to help you work more efficiently. In addition in the user manual you have very precise examples which explain all the uses of the oscillating platform.

    ★ 【Bluetooth Integrated Speakers】: why not have fun while training? Thanks to its speaker, you can connect the platform with your smartphone by Bluetooth to play your favorite music while working!

    ★ 【2 Handles and 2 Integrated Straps】: The carrier allows you to move it more easily. The 2 handles help you do push-ups or other similar positions on the fitness vibrating plate. And the 2 straps allow you to work the upper body: arms, back, abs. The remote control gives you a possibility to control your machine from a distance. Practical for delicate positions (lying down, etc.).

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