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    CITYSPORTS Exercise Bike CS10

    10KG Flywheel


    Multi-function display: The advanced multi-function LCD digital monitor can monitor heart rate, time, distance, speed and calories.

    Adjustable resistance and quick stop braking: the exercise bike is certainly one of the most popular fitness equipment for use at home. The exercise bike is ergonomically designed. You can use the button to set the angle of rotation and resistance as required. Squeeze the resistance lever to stop the flywheel instantly, much safer.

    Suitable for fitness at home: This exercise bike has an 10kg flywheel. With a bottle holder, your drink is always ready to hand. Can be set up in the living room or in the private training room. And does not bother others.

    Portable and space-saving:The compact size gives you the workout you need without losing valuable space. This exercise bike allows you to complete your fitness routine from the comfort of your home. Light, compact bikes are especially suitable for women. Older people and beginners can use it with confidence and will not cause muscle damage.

    Adjustable Seat and Handlebar: In order to adapt to the body shape of more people, the saddle and seat of this exercise bike are adjustable. The height of the seat can be adjusted up and down, and you can choose the most comfortable position for exercising.

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